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Virtual Conference on Nanoscale Science and Technology

August 30 - 31, 2010 Sydney, Australia


The Virtual Conference on Nanoscale Science and Technology (VCNST) is in fact so much more than just another conference. We have an opportunity together to be explorers as we enter a new era of sharing and dialoguing about science.

A typical face-to-face conference will take place from August 30 -31 in the beautiful campus of the University of Sydney, Australia. Beyond the well-prepared topical sessions, there will be a range of other exciting opportunities for visiting participants to get out and explore Sydney, the vibrant, dynamic and accessible city.

Together with its face-to-face counterpart will be a joint virtual conference run in real-time, providing an advanced collaborative environment for participants from every corner of the world to share their knowledge while carrying on their regular scholarly duties and without the expense of physically traveling to Sydney. By using the computers in their offices or homes, through the Internet VCNST participants will be able to present their research on thousands of screens along with oral or poster presentations as they become part of the face-to-face conference in Sydney and the whole world.

This is a new type of platform for the rapid dissemination of information on the important scientific achievements by nanoscience and nanotechnology researchers worldwide. With latest screen sharing techniques and voice over Internet protocol, every VCNST presenter is offered the opportunity to deliver their research to additional thousands of audience members and receive their responses, both in real time. Now, audiences are not limited to conference attendees alone as with a conventional conference.

VCNST conference programs will utilize the extraordinary possibilities of the current course of technological revolution and explore the unlimited possibilities of the future.


Because this is an experiment in a new form of conference, we seek further comments and suggestions.

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